Här nedan får du ett mail från Sathya där hon bl.a. beskriver lite om sina studier. "Dogglus" är vår hund Dogglas om någon undrar. Mum och Dad, det är vi det.

Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you Mum and Dad?How is Dogglus?.I received your letter.I am very happy of talking with you on phone.  Thanks to God!Now, I am in Kanyakumari for my year-end vacation. I spend these holidays as going to nearby Computer Centre and practicing my Computer Knowledge.My second year classes will be resuming from June 1, 2007 (01-06-2007).

I will leave Trichy to rejoin hostel for second year, on second week of May, 2007. Second Year Fees will be remitted on or before June 2007.So, I request my Mum and Dad to send my second year Fees.Fees is as like before, it comes around 60,000 (Sixty Thousands)(Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees, Food Fees, Computer Education, Books, Dresses, Other Stationery Items).  If any needed or not needed I will inform you.   

In Kanyakumari, Sebastian, Lily, Viji, Nathia, Mouriya and all are fine. They convey their wishes to you and all.Lily is still taking medicine.  By God Grace and your Help Lily is in the world with us. Her health is gradually improving.  Thanks to GOD.Sebastian is at home. 

From now onwards no Launches will go for fishing for 45 Days.Mouriya is playing and speaking little by little.Here, Still heavy rain and non-stop showers. You might have watched in the news. How is Mum Sigrid’s Paintings? 

I hope it will be very very nice.Dear Mum and Dad, Please send photos. We are very thankful to you for ever and ever.With your help we survive ourselves.

Thanks to God for having given me such a kind parents Mats and Sigrid.We pray for you and all those contributed to you to help our family. Your Loving Daughter Sathya